The Troubleshooter
The Act LabsTM Light Gun Compatibility Patch

How to use the Troubleshooter

IMPORTANT: If you have a pre 2.0 version of the Troubleshooter (DirectInputShim) installed, you must remove it, as it will conflict with the new version. To remove the old version, delete the "fake" dinput.dll and DirectInputShim.ini files from your games' EXE folders. (Do NOT delete the real dinput.dll file from your Windows System folder!) If you're not sure you want to delete the old version, you can simply disable it by renaming the fake dinput.dll to something else.

After installing The Troubleshooter, there will be a new Light Guns icon in the Windows Control Panel.

Control Panel Icon

Double clicking on this icon will bring up the Troubleshooter Configuration window:

Troubleshooter Configuration Window

In the Light Guns tab, you must specify the number and type of light guns you have.
The choices are:

  • Single Act Labs PC USB Light Gun
  • Single Act Labs TV USB Light Gun
  • Dual Act Labs PC USB Light Guns
  • Dual Act Labs TV USB Light Guns

If you specify Dual PC USB Light Guns, you must then select which devices you want to use for Player 1 and Player 2, as in the following Windows XP screen shot:

Device Selection

The Device Selection lists may show other mouse devices besides the Act Labs guns, but the Troubleshooter will probably not work with non-absolute devices.

For any configuration other than Dual Act Labs PC USB Light Guns, the device selection is automatic, and these lists will be disabled.

The Enable and Disable buttons will enable or disable the Troubleshooter.

The Games Tab

The Games tab lists the supported games, and lets you configure the game-specific options.

Games Tab

Double-click on a game to set the game-specific options:

Games Tab

The options are:

  • Enable compatibility mode for this game - Allows you to disable the Troubleshooter for a specific game.
  • Auto Reload - If checked, the Troubleshooter will send a Reload to the game after every shot.
  • Hide Gun Sight - If checked, the Troubleshooter will move the player's gun sight off screen between shots.

Configure the Game

Visit supported games for instructions on how to configure each specific game for use with The Troubleshooter.

If the game is configured correctly, and the Troubleshooter is enabled, the Act Labs light guns should work.