The Troubleshooter
The Act LabsTM Light Gun Compatibility Patch


The Troubleshooter is a patch that allows you to use the Act Labs PC USB Light Gun or TV USB Light Gun with a number of old PC rail shooters that normally do not support these guns.

Although the Act Labs light gun functions as a mouse, several older mouse-based shooting games do not handle the mouse in a way that is compatible with the gun. They read input from the mouse in relative mode, but the light gun only works in absolute mode. (See History for a more detailed explanation.)

The Troubleshooter bridges the gap between the Act Labs light guns and these games. It also adds support for two-player games, using two light guns!

(Dual PC USB Light Guns not supported in Windows 2000.)

What This Isn't: The Troubleshooter does not fix any problems with the games themselves. If you are having difficulty running a particular game on your computer, The Troubleshooter will not help you.

Release Notes

Version 2.3.2
  • Added support for a minor variant of House of the Dead 3.
Version 2.3.1
  • Fixed: Player 2 trigger acts as Start button in House of the Dead 3 using TV guns.
Version 2.3
  • House of the Dead 3 two-player lightgun support.
  • Preliminary ePSXe support.
Version 2.2
  • Control panel now contains separate entries for Single PC USB gun and Single TV USB gun, as the behavior of the TV and PC guns are slightly different.
  • Improved responsiveness in certain games.
  • New variants of House of the Dead 2 supported.
  • "Abandonware" version of Virtua Squad now supported.
  • Fixed: When either player holds down the reload button, neither player can shoot.
  • Fixed: If you hold down the reload button while shooting, the troubleshooter may get stuck in an odd state requiring you to reload again before you can shoot.
  • Fixed: When Troubleshooter is disabled in control panel, Windows XP keeps trying to reinstall it.
Version 2.0
  • Patch officially renamed to The Troubleshooter .
  • Added support for dual PC USB Light Guns in Windows 98/ME (requires DirectX 8 or higher).
  • Added support for Virtua Squad 1.
  • Files are now installed to one central location, no longer copied to each game's exe folder.
  • Added new Control Panel applet for easy configuration of light guns and game options.
  • Automatic detection of supported game variants. (No more need to guess which version of House of the Dead 2 you have.)
Version 1.5.2
  • Added support for the Xplosiv Software version of House of the Dead 2.
Version 1.5.1
  • Added support for Virtua Cop 2 (same as Virtua Squad 2, but just different enough to need its own fix).
  • Added support for a version of House of the Dead 2 published by Empire Interactive.
  • Removed some minor debugging code that I forgot to clean out of version 1.5.
Version 1.5
  • Added support for multiple PC USB Light Guns using "Raw Input" mechanism in Windows XP.
  • Added DirectInputShimConfig.exe utility to facilitate Raw Input Device selection.
Version 1.0
  • First version. Supports House of the Dead 1 & 2, Virtua Squad 2, and Die Hard Trilogy 2. Supports two players only with TV USB light guns.